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Tuition Fees and Unpaid Internships Cost Us All

It’s tough out there! The job market has never been more competitive and yet the opportunities have never been more precarious. Students and new graduates are fighting over unpaid internships hoping it will lead to illusory, highly coveted paying jobs. But I am afraid this is a lost cause.

Students (especially ‘millennial’ students) are often derided when we ask for anything. Even if all we’re asking for is a minimum wage paycheck. Yet long gone are the days where students can finance their education through government loans and summer jobs. 

Education is a Treaty Right

Today, Member of Parliament for Timmins - James Bay, Charlie Angus, presented a petition signed by hundreds of students calling on the Federal Government to invest in the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) to fund Indigenous learners.

The petition is the latest step in a long-standing campaign seeking justice for Indigenous youth after decades of underfunding and broken promises. Recognizing that Indigenous people have a full and complete right to education, the Liberal Government had promised to uphold their treaty obligation by investing $50 million more per year in the PSSSP. Instead, the Government chose to maintain the 20-year 2 per cent cap on funding in their first federal budget.

It's Time For Canada To Embrace Free Tuition

Originally published in the Huffington Post Canada

By Bilan Arte, National Chairperson

For as long as I've been a student, I've heard experts, politicians and even some of my own classmates say that "free tuition" is a bad idea.

I've been told that free tuition is "wrong", or "self-interested". Why? Because those who get to college or university are already privileged. Why should our society subsidize them?

Students defeat $1000 fee increase at University of King’s College

HALIFAX—Students won a major victory earlier today when the University of King’s College’s Board of Governors voted unanimously against a proposed $1000 tuition fee increase for first year students enrolled in the Foundation Year Program. This makes the University of King’s College the only university to reject the tuition fee reset.


It's Time to Think Big

"We need a post-secondary education system that dismantles barriers instead of building them. A crucial first step is the fight for free tuition"

Bilan Arte, National Chairperson


Breaking through education system's barriers

Originally published in The Winnipeg Free Press

By Brianne Goertzen

‘Post-secondary education." Just saying the words evokes many reactions from people from all walks of life.

There are those who are able to afford to pursue it and who often take that privilege for granted. And there are those who cannot. The nameless, faceless youth who are all but forgotten when governments are looking to make cuts or raise tuition fees — as our government just alluded to.

Academic Amnesty: Update

Are you a student at:

  • The University of Guelph,
  • Brandon University,
  • Laurentian University,
  • Ryerson University,
  • The University of Windsor,
  • Memorial University,
  • University of King's College,
  • Algoma University,
  • The University of Toronto,
  • York University,
  • The University of Winnipeg or
  • Université de Saint-Boniface? 

If so, your student union has won you Academic Amnesty for the national Day of Action on November 2nd

What You Need to Know About the OSG and Student Debt

Originally published in The Leveller, Vol. 9. No. 1

By Jenna Amirault

Ontario’s Liberal gov­ernment has pushed for privatized and multi-tiered educational reform since 2003. The Liberals have in­creasingly sought to tie uni­versities’ funding to stra­tegic mandate agreements and performance-based outcomes.

We’re taking to the streets for free education

Watch this new video to hear why we’re calling to eliminate tuition fees. 

Solidarity with Students Fighting for Free Education in South Africa

Student protester sitting with book

“I’ll sit here and study until you shoot me for having a book in my hand”. A student blocks the entrance of the University of Witwatersrand. Photo from @LindokuhlXulu1 

The Canadian Federation of Students, representing more than 650,000 students, stands in solidarity with students in South Africa who are fighting for free, decolonized education in their country.

Read the blog at Canadian Federation of Students | National Day of Action
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