Get to know your federation reps

Get to know
your reps

Executive Committee

Marie Dolcetti Koros


Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed

Deputy Chairperson

Riaz Nandan


National Executive

Kris Repas

Nova Scotia Representative


2Spirit and Trans Commissioner

Bipin Kumar

International Students’ Commissioner

Marie Paule Ehoussou

Manitoba Representative

Phillip Lunga

New Brunswick Representative

Cyrielle Ngeleka

Francophone Students’ Representative

Carlie Kane

Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students Representative

Sarah Abdillahi

Ontario Representative

Alexus Nikkita

Women’s Representative

Aiden Parsons

Newfoundland and Labrador Representative

Shilik Hamad

Racialised Students’ Commissioner

Jessica Kearney

Graduate Students' Representative

Adaeze Mbalaja

Black Students' Caucus Representative


Alex Wicks

Newfoundland and Labrador Organizer

Candice Pinto

Communications and Public Relations Officer

Diana Idibe

Campaigns and Education Officer

Elizabeth Shearer

Manitoba Organizer

Laura Cutmore

Nova Scotia Organizer

James Casey

Research and Policy Analyst

Jesse Sutherland

National Community Organizer

Judith Oviosun

Campaigns Coordinator

Patricia Navidad

Services and Marketing Officer

Sara Camus

Communications Intern

Corey Grist

Director of Operations and Services

Taylan McRae-Yu

Director of Strategy

Raven Davidson

Director of Stakeholder Relations

Lesley Griffiths

Director of Finance

Sabika Zaidi

Digital Media and Graphic Design Coordinator

Moe Alqasem


Romina Avila


Michael Butler

Government Relations and Policy Coordinator

Alice Wu

Financial Coordinator

Gagneet Kaur

Community Organizer

Andrew Kesik

Community Organizer

Juliana Salsa

Special Events Organizer

Isobel McDonald

Research Assistant
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