Fairness for International Students

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Fairness for International Students

In every single province across Canada, it is a condoned practice to charge exorbitant differential tuition fees for international students. We demand fairness.

On average, international students pay $25,589.00 per year for a general arts degree in Canada; an amount close to four times more than domestic students. In most provinces, international students are not covered under provincial health insurance and must rely on expensive private health insurance programs. Recently, the Government of Canada made it harder for international students to stay in Canada after graduation.

Food and retail work, common jobs for students, were unlisted as valid Canadian work experience that would count towards a permanent residency application. Many international students are also confronted with racism and xenophobia in daily interactions in their classrooms and communities. The Federation represents all members of our organization, including international students, and believes that the country only benefits when we make education more accessible to all.

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